Tokai Rika continually engages in analysis, development, and application from a variety of angles
in order to identify the material characteristics that will be required in next-generation vehicles.


Material development that pursues, from a materials perspective, the various functional properties demanded by the market.

Today, the functional properties demanded by the automobile market have
become very diverse. Tokai Rika conducts research that includes in its scope
not only specifications like strength, durability and cost, but also the specific
requirements of the end-user. We strive to provide the functionality
required in manufacturing from a materials perspective.
This is what material development is all about.

Various materials, including resin, metal, electronic material, are subjected to analysis as part of a material properties evaluation conducted from multiple perspectives.

In order to achieve the strength and durability required in each product, Tokai Rika designates the optimum materials to use while also considering the manufacturing processes. We also evaluate material properties from a variety of angles, including refinement of problem-areas in market rating.

Advanced evaluation techniques based on cutting-edge analytical equipment contribute to optimized of product quality.

At Tokai Rika, we consider it our duty to identify improvements that can
be made to our products by carrying out deterioration surveys and problem
analysis. We use advanced analytical and evaluation technologies, which
are based on a range of observation and analysis techniques,
to accurately ascertain new market needs and make continual
improvement to product quality. These efforts are part of
the strength of Tokai Rika products.

Taking on the never-ending stream of challenges regarding the development of products required in vehicles.

As part of Tokai Rika's material development, a range of materials are evaluated and then assembled in various combinations to draw upon a limitless array of possibilities. Tokai Rika also proactively engages in cost-cutting measures, and new materials research in partnership with academia. There is no end to the development of products required in vehicles.