Tokai Rika provides instinctive and comfortable switch operations
that facilitate natural communication between vehicle and human.


Vehicle communication that responds to the driver's intentions, without inhibiting safe driving.

There is a limit to the information that a driver can receive from the vehicle.
This is because the sense of sight is occupied with monitoring
the traffic situation around the vehicle, and sense of hearing is tuned into
the level of noise. Tokai Rika is developing haptic feedback technology
that responds to the driver's intentions using methods that are safe
and appropriate even under such conditions.

Feedback technology-based Touchpad that provides a comfortable vibration or sensation, thereby enhancing perceptibility.

Touchpad is an example of products that apply feedback technology. During touch and scroll operations, feedback is sent to the user in the form of vibrations that are comfortably sensed on the fingertip. This enables intuitive control and facilitates safe and comfortable driving, as the driver's eyes are not averted from the road ahead.

A sense of comfort at the moment the switch is pressed. Ergonomics knowledge is being utilized in this area.

The driver gets a sense of comfort with operating the switch. This is because
the feedback delivered at this moment reassures the driver that the switch
has been operated. Tokai Rika has established a design framework under
which there is collaboration between ergonomics and design
development, etc., with a view to realizing feedback technology
that any driver would find comfortable.

Dedicated to accident prevention and safer driving. Ongoing efforts to pioneer new feedback technology.

We explore not only feedback technology such as navigation operations; we strive for people and their vehicle communication that will make driving more safe and comfortable. Tokai Rika continues to explore new technology with a view to achieving "natural communication."