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生産技術センター長今枝 勝行 Katsuyuki ImaedaGeneral Manager of Production
Engineering Center

Message from the director in charge

Promotion of environmental activities throughout the product lifecycle with the key phrase ‘‘from reducing to eliminating’’

 In order for a company to contribute to the creation of a sustainable society, it is first necessary to take responsibility for reducing the environmental burden. We formulate an Environmental Action Plan as a mid-term plan every five years, and work on reducing CO2 emissions and waste materials, properly managing chemical substances, and conserving biodiversity.
 Recently, increasing environmental risks such as climate change due to global warming and loss of biodiversity have become a global consensus, and we are now required to change. As society undergoes major changes, we have been promoting activities to ‘‘reduce’’ our environmental impact; but from now on it is necessary for each and every one of us to be aware that we must reach the point of "eliminating" it.
 Among these, the social issue with the highest risk is the issue of climate change. I myself feel scared about the recent torrential rains and extreme weather. In order to help stop this climate change, we have established a Carbon Neutral Promote Strategy Dept. and set new environmental targets to reduce CO2 emissions to virtually zero by 2050. As a milestone, we have formulated the ‘‘Carbon-neutral Strategy 2030,’’ and the Head Office and Head Plant aim to get ahead and achieve carbon neutrality by 2030. We promote activities from the perspective of the entire life cycle. Specifically, in addition to our existing efforts to reduce CO2 emissions from our plants, we will promote the expansion of the use of low-CO2 materials in our products, the switch of trucks to environmentally-friendly vehicles, and the collaboration with suppliers to reduce CO2 emissions in procurement.

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Mid- and long-term term plans

 We have set a target to reduce CO2 emissions to virtually zero by 2050, and have formulated the ‘‘Carbon-neutral Strategy 2030’’ as a milestone. We are promoting activities throughout the entire lifecycle centered on four strategies: products, production, procurement, and logistics.



Received the "Environmental Promotion Excellence Award" from Toyota Motor Corporation

 We are accelerating our efforts across all aspects of our supply chain to achieve carbon neutrality.
 In our product strategy, we have entered the implementation stage of replacing resins with low-CO2 materials. In our production strategy, we are thoroughly reducing energy waste by replacing SF6, a greenhouse gas, and introducing an energy visualization system. Furthermore, we are expanding the use of renewable electricity by introducing solar power generation on our premises and using offsite PPA. In our procurement strategy, we have started to support energy saving through on-site guidance at supplier locations and acceptance of suppliers for in-house training. In our logistics strategy, we are systematically switching to environmentally friendly vehicles such as hybrid trucks.
In recognition of these efforts, we received the Environmental Promotion Excellence Award from Toyota Motor Corporation. We will continue to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society by reducing the environmental burden of the entire supply chain.


7th Environmental Action Plan (2021 to 2025)

 In order to contribute to establishing a sustainable society, we promote environmental initiatives supported by three pillars: ‘‘establishment of a carbon-neutral society,’’ ‘‘establishment of a recycling-based society,’’ and ‘‘establishment of a society in harmony with nature.’’

第7次環境取組みプラン(2021~2025年) 第7次環境取組みプラン(2021~2025年)
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