Non-Vehicle Field

We offer a wide range of products in fields ranging from home security and comfort to automotive parts and electronic connectors, all making use of our advanced technology.

Home Devices

The Entrance Electric Door Lock

The Locking / Unlocking could be accomplished by lightly touching the Door Handle without handling the Electronic Key.
By utilizing the Buttons on the Electronic Key, it is possible to remotely operate the same functions.

La Lock, the Entrance Immobilizer

Window Lock Monitoring System

The security of all of the House Windows could be improved by connecting with the Entrance Electric Door Lock.

Window Lock Monitoring System


These connectors used in the electronic components of a vehicle can withstand severe conditions such as high/low temperatures and high humidity.
Tokai Rika's connectors provide high contact reliability from signal circuits to power circuits. The product line includes wire to wire types, wire to board types, low insertion force types, compact separation types and waterproof types.
We produce SMT connectors, board lock connectors and through-hall connectors for boards.

SMT Connector

Connector is suitable for Reflow Soldering use.
Adoption of structure for soldering on PCB surface.
Adoption of heat resistant resin material.

Vertical type
Vertical type
Horizontal type
Horizontal type

Board Lock Connector

Connector is suitable for Flow Soldering use.
It is capable of being temporarily affixed onto the PCB surface.
Screw-less structure for affixing onto the PCB.

Board Lock Connector

Auto Alarm

In the event of an unauthorized entry into the vehicle, the system would sound an alarm and flash the lights to signal the incident and prevent vehicle theft.
While the Auto Alarm is activated, should there be any unauthorized Door / Trunk openings , a strong impact such as Glass being broken or vehicle Battery removal attempts, a loud alam would be activated to signal the theft in process.



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