TOKAI RIKA Digitalkey®

A partnership between TOKAI RIKA, a world-class provider of keys for automakers
for over 70 years, and Dai Nippon Printing, a leader in advanced security technology
in the field of finance, the TOKAI RIKA Digitalkey® business offers highly secure
digital keys that constitute a single solution for everything from servers to devices.

Technology API

We provide an API that enables communication with the
servers used by service providers to implement services such
as reserving keys or assigning rights. The API is flexible,
allowing service providers to connect to it based on their needs.
*API stands for application programming interface. It is a mechanism that gives software access to certain operating system functions.

Technology API

App&Mobile SDK

TOKAI RIKA Digitalkey® has developed FREEKEY®, a key
management application for users. Installing a dedicated
mobility device in the car lets users lock or unlock it from their
smartphone. The application can also be used for non-mobility
services such as shared offices or parcel lockers.
We also offer an SDK that lets service providers integrate
functions to operate the keys in their own applications.

App&Mobile SDK

QEY box

The QEY box smart device for cars embeds a
physical key in the vehicle to enable locking and unlocking
from a smartphone key. It relies on BLE communication to
ensure the key can be used offline. It is also notable for its
compatibility with a wide range of models.



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