Procurement Activities

Tokai Rika Procurement Activities

Tokai Rika's Purchasing Division procures parts, material and equipment for automobile products.
These are human interface products that deliver the intentions of a person to the vehicle, the security products which protect the customer's vehicle as an asset and the safety products which protect human lives.

Procurement basic principles

Tokai Rika drives global development of parts, material and equipment which are superior to quality, technology, cost and delivery based on following 5 principles aiming for "Optimized Global Procurement".

  1. Open mind policy
    • We provide fair trade opportunities unconditionally to any supplier who wishes to conduct business with us, no matter their nationality or company size.
    • We conduct supplier selection based on a 360 degree evaluation, such as quality, technology, cost, delivery and stability, but also based on attitude for continuous improvement and legal compliance.
  2. Long term relationship
    • We would like to develop a good and long term cooperative relationship with our suppliers, aiming for mutual growth.
    • In order to achieve this goal, we believe that it is important to create robust mutual trust based on close communication through various practices together.
  3. Promoting "Green Procurement"
    • We harmonize the Monozukuri and environmental conservation because manufacturing activities and protecting the environment are inseparably linked to each other.
    • Based on the above concept we are committed to improve environmental conservation with keeping in mind to purchase environmentally friendly product from suppliers who share this same commitment.
  4. ※Green Purchasing guideline

    Green Purchasing guideline

    Amid growing concern over impacts of global warming and SOCs on human health and environment in recent years, companies are expected to broaden the scope of their environmental efforts. We need all of our business partners’ cooperation to make our product life cycles and supply chains more environmentally friendly.
    We would like you to understand Green Purchasing Guideline and work together for the goal.

    Green Purchasing guideline


  5. Promoting localization to be a good corporate citizen
    • While we deploy business globally, and also aggressively work on local procurement and production.
    • We are contributing to local community aggressively but with harmony to the society to be a good corporate citizen.
  6. Compliance
    • We comply with laws, regulation and other related rules relevant to procurement activities.
    • We also pay very close attention to protect confidential information that is obtained through business practice.

※Response to Conflict Minerals

Response to Conflict Minerals

Automobile manufacturers listed on the U.S. stock exchange that are our customers are obligated to report to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) any use of Conflict Minerals.
Tokai Rika Group conducts surveys and reports Use of Conflict Minerals to our customers. Based on cooperation provided by suppliers and various stake holders, we continue to conduct reliable surveys while avoiding the use of conflict minerals and inadvertent involvement in human rights violation or violence behavior.

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